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We are the GVMTB Revolution!

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Race #2- Johnstown, PA
October 6&7

Race Flyer 

Results from Gettysburg


Ryan O'Donnell- 1st Place 6th grade boys

Aiden Casey- 3rd Place JV2 boys

Other GVMTB Racers

Shannon Campbell- 4th place JV3 girls

Sarah Hinckley- 11th place 8th grade girls

Maddie Clancy- 13th place 7th grade girls

Izzy Weinberg- 6th place JV2 girls

Evelyn Song- 15th place 7th grade girls

Audrey Song- 7th place 6th grade girls

Andrew Hinckley- 54th of 71 place JV2 boys

Cameron Lowe- 19th of 46 place 7th grade boys

Chase Riccione- 51st of 59 place Freshman boys

Connor McGuire- 37th of 46 place 7th grade boys

Jack Brogan- 47th of 71 place JV2 boys

Jay Jagani- 32nd of 59 place Freshman boys

LJ Beswick- 6th place 6th grade boys

Maddox Weirich- 38th of 40 place 6th grade boys
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2018 Parents Infor mational Meeting
If you missed the meeting you can find the PowerPoint on the Information Page.

New Riders, please fill out the three forms (Club Sign Up, Waiver, and Media Consent forms) and get them to Coach Leary, Coach Sindaco, or email them to the team. 

2018 Team Presentation
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Great Valley Composite
Moutain Bike Team

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2018 Sponsors

We would like to thank the sponsors from last year and the new sponsors. Your support is greatly appreciated and will make this season awesome!

Upcoming Events
  1. July
    Practice Begins!
    Practice Begins!
    Practices will be held at our practice area and local trails from 6-8pm on select nights. Team rides will be on Sundays at starting at 9am at Marsh Creek or other local parks, within a 15-30 mile radius of the school.
  2. June
    Bike Checks and Skills Demo
    Bike Checks and Skills Demo
    Starting in June we will be having a few informal bike checks to make sure the bikes you are going to ride will be safe. We will also be holding a skills demo.
  3. Sept-Nov
    Race Time
    Race Time
    Races are held across the state.
Our Mission
The mission of the Great Valley Mountain Bike Club is to provide a positive experience for all student-athletes in accordance with PICL & NICA’s Five Core Principles: Inclusivity, Equality, Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Character, by creating life-long cyclists who are conscientious, responsible and empowered.
  1. Philosophy
    The Great Valley Mountain Bike Club will serve as a youth development program using cycling as a teaching medium. Student athletes will be encouraged to consider and set individual goals.
  2. Safety
    The safety of our riders is our highest priority. Mountain biking does come with inherent risks. It is our main goal to manage and mitigate most of those risks by proper planning and thorough training.